Used Karts and Chassis Age

As far as used karts go, what are good things to look for when buying a chassis?

I found a used 2018 FA kart chassis that has been run for a season and looks like it has been taken care of very well and is in good condition but will a chassis like this with a new engine be competitive for another season or two?

Start by looking at the bottom of the chassis. If it has skid plates on, check for missing paint under the skid plates to see if it has been without them. Stay away from any chassis that has significant wear on the bottom of the rails.
If you can, put a set of Snipers on and check castor is the same on both sides. With the kart on a flat surface and the wheels facing straight forward, place a small level on the spindles to see if they’re at the same angle.
No one is going to be selling a perfectly good chassis. Find the best one you can and find a kart shop that can check the chassis for straightness.

very good answers and comments Tony