Used Rotax Max Evo Pinging

So I got a used Rotax Max Evo. Measured compression at 150 psi. I’m jetting it pretty rich and it sounds like pinging (but not in rhythm…more like a loose metal part inside).

It revs, starts, runs just fine.

I heard that Rotax Max can sound like loose metal banging inside the engine when you need a top end rebuild…I’m asking for sanity check.

Can I keep running it more, even for a few hours?

When was the last top end?

Not sure how it is on the Evo, but I remember the pre-Evo there was always a light pinging noise and that was normal.

What jet are you using

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#128. The app called for something like 125. It was like 90 Fahrenheit.

Unknown last top end built since.

its hard to say without listening to the engine but this may not be pinging at all, but the metal on metal clutch. The metal clutch on the rotax make a dinging noise, almost bell like when engaging.

Rotax do have that funny metallic pinging noise. It’s a very different sounding engine as compared to x30 and the like.

I’ve always described it as a bag of weasels fighting each other with hammers. But the engine runs and runs where others need top end.