Using same kart for both sprint and road racing

Thinking getting back into karting after many yrs away, primarily racing Spec Miata. Generally prefer road racing, but still wouldn’t mind doing some sprint races, GoPro in Moorseville is about 2hrs away.
Thinking about TAG X30. How difficult is it to run the same package to do both?

Well the good news is that trying to run a TaG class kart, like IAME X30, in both sprint and long track road racing, is probably a lot easier now than it was previously.

You’re on the east coast, so if you do any road races, it will most likely be with the WKA. One major rule they used to have in their road racing TaG classes is they required those karts to have either front brakes or a dual-braking system. For many years that was a major roadblock for TaG racers running sprint, with rear-brake only karts, to make the jump to Road Racing.

Fortunately, the WKA realized this rule was having an impact on possible crossover TaG entries, and they nixed the part about dual brakes being mandatory. Now, dual/front brakes are allowed, but it is optional in WKA Sit-Up TaG Road Racing classes like IAME Sprint.

IAME Sprint would most likely be the class you would race an X30 kart at a WKA sanctioned Road Race event. They make this class as crossover-friendly as possible, requiring CIK-bodywork for all karts in the class. Since CIK bodywork is already required in TaG sprint races, you wouldn’t have to worry about installing specialized Sprint Enduro bodywork some Sit-Up road race classes are allowed to run, in order to be competitive. I’m sure AKRA-sanctioned Road Races also have TaG classes that run similar rules.

The only issue I see that you may run into is that Road Racing tends to be even more strict than Sprint Racing about the safety wiring of bolts, as well as possibly having to drill holes in the axle to pin the wheel hubs, or using a tether to attach both rear wheels together. You might want to check the rules on that. You may also need to add more lead weight to the kart.

Other then that, it should be fairly straightforward. As I said the sanctioning bodies have made it a lot easier for Sprint racers running TaG, (especially IAME X30), to try out Road Racing, (and vice versa).