USPKS Post-Event Race Director's Bulletin - Texas GP 2023

New thing USPKS is doing after all events to provide some clarity and transparency regarding the event’s activities.

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Some fun stuff in here: “The front bumper is not a tool for passing.”

Ryan Norberg – Failure to leave sufficient space, leading to a major incident (See USPKS Rule 101.15)

Good to see my fav causing chaos.

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Dropped the ban hammer! :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

During the Texas round, a driver who had been informed multiple times they were on probation proceeded to commit an infraction against the same driver involved in their initial probation. This series does not operate in a vacuum, and when this driver’s actions across the opening two rounds are viewed in conjunction with actions at other series and one-off events, it leaves us no option but to take more severe action. His conduct this weekend was part of a pattern of blatant disrespect for the rules, the sport, and competitors both on-and-off track. All these factors being considered, we have moved to ban Zachary Claman-Demelo from USPKS events for one-year, beginning May 1st, 2023. In accordance with the Mutual Enforcement Policy, this also precludes him from attending any Superkarts! USA (SKUSA) or Rok Cup USA event during that same time period.


Also, more people getting caught messing with the drop-down bumpers! Glad this is getting caught. What a dumb way to make a somewhat crappy situation worse.

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I heard of at least one kid who looked around and then tried to sneakily knock his bumper back out in the scale line without noticing the official was standing right behind him. And then his team argued that he wasn’t aware that was against the rules to do that.

It’s just silly. People don’t take responsibility for their actions.

I’m glad the ban hammer is coming down and it is public and applying to multiple series.


Agreed. I’m all for hard racing and I’ve lost my temper a time or two, but it sounds like it went too far. I’m glad you can’t just jump into another series and keep raising hell.

From some of the footage I watched the X30 Pro class is getting really elbows out and aggressive. Looked like a Saturday night out at the dirt track.

I went to see a fight and a race broke out!


I don’t mind hard aggressive racing and some bump and grind, but some of the egregious and obviously malicious moves aren’t acceptable. Just no respect at times.
It should be like a night at Williams Grove, not Bowman-Gray!

Race director said it well:

“The level of respect that has been shown for other drivers in X30 Senior will not be tolerated, both in terms of racecraft and safety. This is a pro class, I trust moving forward that the drivers will learn to conduct themselves as such.”

Ou this is spicy

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just read up on the guy, raced the Indy 500 just a few years ago, but couldn’t repeat a single ride in Indy Lights. Wonder if the temper was always an issue?

For pure entertainment it’s amazing TV. For everything that karting should be it’s definitely not welcome on track or in the scales and I’m glad that USPKS is taking it seriously and that the new Mutual Enforcement Policy has teeth.

I do wonder where ZCD will race now - from what I understand he has a fair amount of beef with the series’ here in Canada as well. I’m not sure if he is officially not allowed to race here but I haven’t seen him at any Canadian races for a while.