Valve guide missing

Forgive me if this is fairly basic: Bought a used engine and opened up the valve cover to check and set the valve lash and noticed that there seemed to be a plastic ‘guide’ on the valve stem missing. The stem itself has a lot of play side to side because of it. Not sure if this is bad/maybe part of the design? Is it a part I can buy and install without much hassle?

Here is a site or 2

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I think that’s actually normal from what I remember. I’ll take a look at mine tomorrow if nobody is able to confirm. It’s been 3or4 years since I’ve done the clearance anyway :joy:

Same problem here on memory. I see pics on the net with both valves having guides.

Don’t mean it’s correct: but here is a Briggs video

Seems if they didn’t want a guide on the one valve pushrod they would not make the plate accept a guide.

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That’s a your pushrod on valve. That plastic guide is nice to have but I don’t think it’s a big deal if it’s missing. Once it makes contact with that rocker arm it has enough pressure to hold it in place.

Maybe it’s more common on older spec briggs… This one is a silver tag from 2015. On a lot of videos it seems like newer engines have both guides.

Thanks, and yeah other vids it seems to always show two.

Bottom of the page part #1034 push rod guide is what you’re looking for.

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I will check mine next time I am near it.

I would say it is not entirely needed, but don’t truly know. Might be a DQ if it is not - that would be a bigger concern for me - not that I am a podium finisher . . . .

I was crew chief for a group of guys. one switched his pushrods to CF on a Lotus Super Seven. Went through a couple of set. Switched back to stock & was reliable. Valve guide may be a good idea as some engineer may have spent six weeks to determine it needed it. ??

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I was just at our garage. I pulled the valve cover. There were 2 pushrod guides glistening in the LED.

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Thanks went to my local shop and they took one off a motor for me. they didnt stock them…