Various Karts for sale (Pics to Follow)

Rather than spamming the classifieds category, for now I’m going to post a list of karts I’m helping someone sell. Please buy something so I don’t have to. Quality stuff, discount for multiples and I can work on shipping

Pics to follow, I’m also working to get more details on certain things. Like the Trackmagic model\year and if the Rotax is an Evo or Prevo.

Location: MN

Chassis Engine Details Sale Price
2007 Intrepid - Shifter NA Roller with front brakes 1200
2020 DR 97 NA Rolling chassis 1500
2019 Margay Ignite NA 6 weekends from new. 2019. Roller. 1750
Trackmagic Rotax Ready to go 1950
2012 Kosmic K9 Complete but unknown engine condition. 2200
2021 Inrepid Cruiser 4S NA One weekend from new. Rolling chasssis, ran in legends class 2300
2019 Praga CR125 Complete and in great condition. National level NSEW stock Honda. 4200

I bet the track magic gets snapped up quick.


Not gonna like I kinda want most of them for myself :laughing:

Looking to get into karting so this was the first place I looked.

Pics soon?

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Planning on taking pics late next week when I get to the storage unit.
Which kart(s) interest you most?

Pics James, we need pics, its been 6 days. Mostly so I can live through you vicariously . . . :rofl:

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I’m guessing the lack of pictures is James way of subconsciously torpedoing this attempt to unload karts.

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The two that interest me the most are probably the Trackmagic or the 2019 Margay Ignite. I’m next door in ND as well

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The plan was to get pictures of them this week but I wasn’t able to get out there. Essentially k have them on consignment.

Will try again next week for pics.

Perfect. If you’re looking for a 206 engine I can get some options for that also.

Sounds good and 206 engine options are welcomed also, thank you sir!

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Ok so what’s the over/under on James posting pics and who do I place my bet with?

Current status is moving the rental operation……
I kinda jumped the gun on the post I guess.

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I’ll take em all! I wish.

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Looks like alot going on there! I am still interested so whenever you get a chance, no rush.

Also, I’m looking to not only get into a kart for myself. But for my son as well. He is 12. So a a package deal might be able to be worked out depending on situation.

Any suggestions?

Closes in 19 days bro . . . pictures!?


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Waiting for the picture of the Track Magic, comon bro, there is only 90 minutes left, you’re killing me smalls, lol.

I actually flew to Europe on Monday to take care of some family stuff. So I’m too far away for those pics :laughing:

I’ll try to revisit once I get back.

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