Vega Wets Lifespan

I was wondering if there is a consensus on how many sessions/laps Vega wets are ‘good’ for.

Our current set has 13 sessions/150 laps, on a heavy Jr2 Briggs, in cold wet conditions.

My experience. All be it limited. I use a set for 1-2 race days. Max. How you have gotten 150 laps blows me away. How are your lap times new vs old? The big money guys told me they don’t like to use them more than 4 heat cycles. I’m just a 206 guy so that blows the budget straight out the window if I’m buying new tires every week.

But I think you have have maximized the tire life available.

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We used our first set for a winter series for 3+ race days. Day is: 1 hour open practice, 7-lap qual, 2 7-lap heats and an 8-lap main. Each lap is 1:20. Temp has ranged from 40-48, I’d say. Rainy/wet throughout.

It looks like our fast lap has dropped about 3/4 second.

Since I first posted the question, a local pro has advised 3-4 sessions, same as you are hearing. My new set I use just for the Main, so we’ll be able to finish the last two events without buying more.

Sounds like you’re at pgp as well. Haha

Oh, hi there, 33! I just looked @Speedhive. We are Junior 122, Top Kart. I’ll look you up next race.

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