Ven99 Brake Bleed Screw Replacement

I went to bleed my brakes this afternoon to find my bleed screw stripped. I was hoping to replace them soon anyways, so its not the worst thing to happen. However, it’s pretty difficult to find any parts/info for the ven99 system. With a bit of research, I found that the ven08 is pretty similar to the ven99, and has a m5x10mm bleed screw . Would this fit my brake system? Also, could I just get that size screw from a hardware store?


A picture might help here but, when you say stripped, what is stripped? The bleeder is usually steel while the caliper is aluminum, of the two it would most likely be the caliper is stripped if you mean the threads. However, if the hex part of the bleeder is rounded off then you could either replace that (possibly from an auto parts store or online) or use vice grips in place of a wrench.

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Thanks Robert. I ended up just replacing the bleed screw as the hex was rounded. Just an m5 cap screw. Worked great.

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