Vertical stand and one man stand

I’d like to store my X30 vertically to save up some garage space and I’m considering a vertical stand.

Apart from necessary activities such as emptying the carburetor and fuel, how is it placed on this stand? Should the kart be lifted by hands or there is any sort of fit, tilt&lift?

Actually I have a one man stand that can tilt. It’s not exactly vertical but for sure it will use less space than flat. Is it possible to use it as long term vertical storage or it’s not suggested, because it supports the weight through the bumpers fixing instead of through the axle? Obviously I’ll add some zip ties at the front to prevent from tipping over.


I got one last year… drain oil from engine… make sure everything id clean, clean reeds and gaskets. It sits on the karts rear axle and its like almost vertical… pretty good… i have 3 chassis to store and thet take up place as one normal kartstand with a kart

And yes it is tilt and lift… maby take of the sprocket so it slides on easyer. I did it myself as a 15 yr old

Streeter makes a vertical stand. Attached to the axle with clamps it uses the leverage against the frame and is stable. I attach mine with the kart on the ground and then lift it up onto the wheels. The first picture you have would concern me as it looks like its just for moving karts and there is nothing for stability. You could also rest the kart on the bumper and lean it against the wall, as long as no one messes with it it would likely be secure for storage.

This is the Streeter stand:
Streeter Vertical Upright Kart Stand, Sprint Kart