Vertical Storage

Noob query!

At every track I see used karts on vertical stands, which have all their fluids drained I presume. How viable is vertical storarge on your main kart? What all needs to be drained? I feel like I could get away with cleaning the carb and taking fuel tank off.

We store all the team karts on vertical stands, really helps clear up floor space and lets you fit a bunch more karts in a smaller space.

Fuel and water (if applicable) just needs to be drained.

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One thing you have to look for is oil seeping into the combustion chamber on OHV motors like clone and 206. Assuming the kart is on it’s back bumper, The oil will travel down the pushrod chamber, unto the valve cover and usually works it way into the cylinder one way or another.

Also, in this scenario, drain the fuel from the float bowl, or it will spill over out the vent tube.

Thanks for responses. Forgot to say this would be for Vortex 125 shifter.

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Watch for gear oil drainage. If you put a fuel line long enough on the vent barb, that should stop it spilling out.
Same for the carb as the 206, drain the float chamber or it will spill out the vents.

Perfect, ty James. :slight_smile:

Can i tilt the kart sideways to get it through 2 doorways into my house? Its only gonna be on its side for no longer than 5 min (loading it onto my homemade side dolly) then it’ll be back right side up.

It should work fine. I did this with mine when I lived back in Ireland. Terraced house with a shed out the back…

In the front door
Down the hallway
Through the kitchen door and kitchen
Out the back door
Down the back yard pathway
…finally into the shed.

You’ll have to consider oil/fuel leaks when it’s vertical m like that. Otherwise you’re good to go.

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You mean it will still leak if i tilt it sideways for a few minutes?

It depends on the engine, but yeah fuel especially will drip out of a float carburetor’s vent and continue to leak out the fuel in the line and any in the tank

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Its gonna be an x30 tag. If i drain the fuel i should be ok right?

Yeah it should be OK. you might get a little dribble in the carb. That pumper style is what I had on the kart I had to bring though the house.

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Awezum now im more relaxed lol thank you sir.

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Probably a stupid question, but what is the best way to empty the fuel tank. Siphon the fuel out, or remove the tank and drain it?

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Something id like to know as well.

I always hust remove the tank and tip the fuel into the Jerry can. It’s a simple exercise with the hand bolt.

That doesn’t mean you’ll have drained the system though. Even while the fuel pickup is out of the tank fuel will drain backwards from the fuel filter etc. Plus you will still have the fuel in the carb and rest of the system as James was talking about.

Is there a step procedure on removing all fuel?

Side question. Can one use a motorcycle helmet for karting?

Is there a step procedure on removing all fuel?

Compressed air with a air gun nozzle on a low pressure setting seems like it should work. Just make sure that you aren’t blowing past thin rubber diaphragms (like in a fuel pump).

Side question. Can one use a motorcycle helmet for karting?

I think most series allow one, but check your local rules just in case.