Very Interesting Kart from 90's

Came across this on FB Marketplace… Though it was too cool to not archive it.

Invader 4 bar


Looks to be in really good shape, or at least it’s very clean. Dual rear torsion bars & no front bar, never seen that before. Wonder who made it. Also wondering what that grooved rotor/disc object inboard of the brake disc on the rear axle is.

On a side note, that GSX-R has seen better days.

It’s an Invader 4 bar apparently. Definitely an interesting one with a torsion bar for each hand should you get taken out by an opponent.

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What is that…thing on the axle next to the rear disc?

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Disc brake cooling? It looks as if is attached to the brake disc hub.

Apparently it’s a heat sink yeah…

Kinda curious about what’s going on in the back. Looks different, like it’s meant to support something. Are those dual rear torsion bars?

I guess it must be. Nothing else makes sense. Never caught on so guess it probably isn’t too effective, but it looks trick, so it probably makes it faster just because. I bet it would be even more better faster if the bodywork/bumpers had cool decals. Everybody knows killer looks = speed.

Rear grip: party edition

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I don’t see any fancy European beer in there…

Blame Walmart for lack of sophistication in their advertising.

Fixed with Trappist ale:

Any good domestic brews from your neck of the woods?

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You are asking the wrong person. My 3 favorite beers in order are:

  1. Free
  2. Cold
  3. Miller High Life
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Hallmark of sophistication & culture. Especially #1.

Shiner Bock if you are looking for good help with your kart around here. Ruby Redbird if you want to keep it light and interesting.

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Bissell brothers had people driving 3 hours to get

That’s quite the description. I hope to emanate energy as effectively.

Full send sweater

When you have to share with everyone in the pits


I have a 99 -00ish 3rail, single rear torsion bar with the same Pro Works front end with the K-bar option. The K-bar clamps are hard to find. Cleaned it up and raced in a modified Kohler class these last few years. I always liked the Invader chassis, west coast made.

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@KartingIsLife I think this kart is calling your name

What in the muffler is going on with this thing?!