VHSH 30 Polished vs Standard

I was looking at getting a second carb. I came across a few options. I have a titan red TM R1.

So a polished VHSH 30 CS:

However SRP do a another type of polished carb, assuming just more polishing:

Would it be worth going for the more expensive polished carb or just the standard polished carb?

If it has the same Venturi and the same diameter you will not gain nothing i had polished in the past a keihin pwk 38 and i think i lost not gain nothing at all .

This is my experience it is a topic which can take lot of discussion i think the atomization of the mixture begins before the jet …lets be realistic every time we take of the fillter or without filter the venturi of the carburettor is wet that means we have the same law with the ports which can you say with rough surface we have better atomization of mixture .

The reverse law apply to the direct injection which only air passes from the intake port .
This is my opinion to this theory if someone has different experience with more evidence i would like to hear them :grinning:

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I think the only reason you see polished carbs out there is because TM offers it with the top preparation level, aka “special”, of the motor. A certain importer and factory team told me it makes no difference.

I do believe that certain carbs may be “better” than others, but only by small amounts, and because of manufacturing variation, rather than being polished or not polished.

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Also just to be clear, the SRP polished carb is the same thing, both model 9304. Mondo just has low prices. If you’re going to buy a second one then the polished one from Mondo isn’t a bad option if you’re willing to pay the extra $$$ vs the standard version.

They claim to have done a little extra polishing on the SRP version vs the polished version from TM.

So no real gains then ?

In theory the polished intake may flow more. In practice it just looks trick and doesn’t hurt anything. Any polishing should end ahead of the main jet however as fuel has an increased tendency to stick to smooth surfaces. Not something you want where the atomization is meant to occur.

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I caved and added a spare carb to the collection!

Not expecting any time improvement, but at least two carbs now

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Nothing wrong with having pretty looking stuff. :facepunch:

Now you said it , if I can’t go fast i’ll look good instead :joy: