VHSH Tuning - Idle/Loading up

Quick question - I’ve generally been running the exact same Carb Tuning on my VHSH/ROK Shifter for years. It’s not the standard ROK Jetting as where I run doesn’t require it (I’m running something similar to the old Tec-Sav KZ jetting). I’ve been happy with it with one exception: It loads up pretty quickly. Since I autocross, I’m doing a lot of launches and it seems it takes a little bit of work to clear the pipe at times.

Anyways, since I’m generally happy with how the jetting performs on course (and the general longevity of my engines) I am thinking that going to a slightly leaner inner & outer pilot can help with this. Is my thinking on track?

Note: I’ve played with the bleed screw quite a bit and it doesn’t seem to really help this specific issue.

That setup flows alot of fuel at idle an low speed keeps the rod happy. you can lean the idle but make sre to replace on top. If you have access to different slides you have a 50 if stock try 55 or 60 pulls less fuel when you crack the throttle

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It would help to know what you mean by “old Tec-Sav KZ jetting”. Do you mean you are using a DP tube in combination with a U needle?