[Video] 2019 Small Engine Builders Dyno Challenge

Looks like a pretty cool challenge. I remember there being some talk about doing this on bobs4cycle a few years ago.

Here’s some of the dyno runs…

This years winning run. Johnny Myers’ 305 cc predator making an incredible pass on the dyno and doing it with only 8500 rpm. 33.19 hp!!!

George Owenby’s open entry for the 2019 competition.

Barry Young’s Stock Appearing 390 carb engine making 23.29 hp!

Johnnie Berry’s AKRA Stock Appearing ran to 9000 rpm and peaking at 16.79 hp on the dyno

Charles Mosely’s GX200 putting down a best run of 31.96 hp and pulling over 10,000 rpm!

George Owenby’s awesome Model 15 animal laying down 27.35 hp.


Are these all run on the same dyno? It looks like most of them are but I can’t tell for sure. Definitely an interesting idea but there’s no way some builders would let people see how/where their engines are making power

Same dyno same day.
Some builders will share their data, plus absolute figures between dynos don’t mean a lot. There could be a universal fudge factor for the runs too.

But it’s cool to see them build some stuff and dyno it, you can at least get an idea of relative percentages

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Oh yeah, I think it’s a cool idea. Probably a good way for builders to prove how their engines might stack up to the competition.