[VIDEO] 2020 SKUSA Pro Tour X30 Senior | Kart Chaser Recap Series

Hey James and Davin, move if need-be – wasn’t sure where I should drop these but really wanted to share them!

I’ve been wanting for a long time to branch out and really dive in to building out social brands, both personally for my name as well as to do some growth for the sport. This two-part video series was my demo reel of sorts, coming in on my own dollar to put together what I wanted a pro level karting highlight reel.

Let me know your thoughts guys!

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Just watched the first one. Really well done. Cinematography is top notch as is editing etc.Neat to see the whole weekend play out and hear from the daily top 3. 10/10 would watch again.

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I caught both on youtube when looking for SKUSA videos and really enjoyed them. I enjoyed the interviews that you could put faces to names, but mostly enjoyed actual race coverage. It seems that so often these days people doing promo or race coverage videos have beautiful artistic slow motion shots…but don’t actually cover what happened in the races themselves. Thanks for combining both.

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General is perfect for now. Honestly we’re not too fussed about category selection, it’s easy to correct and the main thing is that we have people posting good stuff.

Appreciate you taking the time to share them. People don’t realize how important it is for karting to have it’s own place for content that’s not reliant on social media.

Production quality is on point, who put it all together?
Did it get posted to a facebook business page?

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Yes! If you’d like I can enable cross posting for kart pulse on the videos too. Here’s the Facebook links.

Sorry for the delay in responding! Assistant race directing at USPKS this weekend…

…and working on the next three video drops as well!

Thanks man! It was my camera buddy Trever’s first time shooting video for action sports, and he killed it!

Had a lot of fun throwing it together too.

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That’s the goal. F1’s done a great job of building up their drivers as individual characters with Liberty Media taking over.

Hoping to do the same with my X30 senior buddies and keep growing / promoting the pro stuff!

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Just watched the USPKS Road America video and I can’t get enough of these. It’s the perfect mix of interviews, great footage, but also a clear coverage of the races themselves. These should be the model for all Motorsports coverage.


Thank you my man! They’re a lot of work so it’s awesome to see and hear the reaction of fellow racers.

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