[Video] Autobahn Indoor Now open with PADDLE SHIFTERS

New Autobahn Speedway open in Sterling, Virginia.
Yes paddle shifters

How well that works with electric karts I can’t say, but anyway…Video and more info here:

A DD2 kart that has a consistent field size :stuck_out_tongue:

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Those are the OTL Storm “shifters” that K1 Speed will supposedly roll out nationwide this year. K1s main Carlsbad location already has them.

The “F1 Steering Wheel +” is a checkbox option when you’re placing your bulk order for new OTL Storms. The karts also include a push to pass (DRS? Whatever?) button.

(NOT SO) FUN LITTLE KNOWN FACT: OTL Storm karts (K1 karts by extension) have real open rear differentials and are, thus, not real karts. OTLs respond better to car driving techniques. I guess knowing K1s public it actually makes sense.

OTL once played with offering a limited slip diff as an option but I see it is not yet in the order sheet.

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