Video Glasses from Zetronix 2.7K SHD - Gopro helmet cam alternative?

I’m not affiliated and have no experience with these. Not a new idea, but the resolution claimed (2.7K SHD) could be good enough if it delivers.

I would imagine that sunglasses (or correctly fitting glasses in general) would be viewed as safe compared to the velcroed-to-helmet-liner options out there.

How about some raybans?

Saw these at Bestbuy when picking up my new Gopro. Seems similar.

Wow that site is awful!

It is remarkably screwed up and not a good sign.

Ok I’m taking this posting as a sign that James has been hacked and the bots are in control.

As your primary moderator, I am afraid that I have absolutely no idea what to do about it.

Cambox FTW if you are going ‘inside the helmet’ route.

Unfortunately the Cambox, it’s not legal for most (maybe all) US orgs so it’s a little naughty to use one.