[Video] Insane RZ-350 Superkart at Lake Afton

Listen. And. Watch.

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Is that track trying to kill someone with those trees? Also, the speed difference between that kart and the rest is so great it seems massively unsafe.
Maybe I’m just an old fart but that just seems negligently stupid.

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It’s a little outside my personal comfort zone, but it’s quite popular, along with Lake Garnett. Seemingly nobody has managed to hit the trees yet. Hopefully it stays that way.

So this is further proof that Englishmen are indeed mad. (I’m assuming this track isn’t in the USA)

They are both USA tracks believe it or not :slight_smile:




Wow. Interesting and amazing these haven’t been litigated into oblivion.

I know right. Anytime you hear someone say it’s hard/impossible to get insurance for a kart race, show them this.

Interestingly, by far most claims on insurance at racing events come from things that happen in the pits, not on the track. Cuts, burns, scrapes, etc… And most of those are from non-competitors.

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I have ran the Afton track before, guessing 15 maybe 16 years ago. I don’t remember the trees being so close to in the S section. The “boring” part of that track is the longgggg back stretch on a single speed kart. Felt like you were wide open for 30-40 seconds in a yamaha.

A few people have been seriously injured from accidents at Lake Garnett road course.

They have a good sprint track there that is very lightly used as well. But they have a race there this year.

Afton race is next month. I was thinking of going to a 250 after the 80, but… :wink:

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Yeah go 125 or maybe single 250 lol :joy:

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Paging @Alan_Dove you’ll like this. 140ish by the trees.

Reminds me of playing Grand Prix legends :laughing: