Video: Installing Graphics on a Kart

Hey Kart Pulse folks!

It’s Eric Gunderson with Point I created a video here that’s a tutorial for how to install kart graphics properly. I’ve found many customers or newcomers to the sport that install graphics for the first time struggle, and there are a few tips and tricks to doing it properly.

Let me know what we got right, and what we got wrong!


Good! Very professional looking.

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And only one bubble on the front fairing that I couldn’t work out! I was pleased. Putting graphics on a kart really satisfies ones inner 5 year old.

I love the look of fresh graphics. However it’s probably one of the most frustrating things I have done. My ocd can’t handle it not being perfect. I have a new set on the way for a new kart. And I’m already getting anxiety over making it perfect.

@highSRT I can understand that. Some things that can help those with OCD include the fact that modern graphics will give you a few “attempts” at molding the graphics before they really won’t adhere.

Utilize that, and mold marks on the plastics for reference points and you can really get outstanding results. A lot of getting graphics to come out well is persistence. Don’t give up the first time if you see bubbles, peel it back, and start again.

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Yeah when I did my first set I tried working them out with a squeegee. I have done car stuff. But most car vinyl has air release. So with a little heat and a squeegee you can work it out.

The last kit I did it was about the seams. Trying to figure out what the distance the spacing is supposed to be to complete the look correctly without having to much gap.

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Good morning gents.

Eric helped me with my graphics kit. It’s one of the perks living in Colorado.


Looks very good! :+1:!!! He stole your wheels, though.

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Ha Ha Ha!

Idid a full refinish of the kart. Full teardown, powder coated, cleaned all hardware and I’ll be refinishing my wheels as well. Offseason OCD has fully kicked in.

…not confirming or denying…