[Video] New Series, Karting 101 - Covering the Basics of Driving a Kart Fast - Ep. 1

Hey guys, here’s the first episode for a new series I’m working on for my YouTube channel. Hoping to cover more of the basics, along with some technical insight on driving a kart fast. The first episode is about the racing line, apexes, and corner sections. I’ll be doing more episodes to cover other aspects of driving, like braking, steering etc. too in the future.

Let me know what you guys think!


Thanks for posting. We got a relatively late start in this game. '21 will be my son’s second season and his first in Senior running 206. Will be my rookie year at 47 years old. He’s running regional races but I’ll be sticking to the local track. Should be interesting. I appreciate the bite sized yet insightful format. Looking forward to braking video.


I’m also getting a late start in karting and content like this is just amazing! Thanks!