[Video] Norberg's Final from ROK the Rio

I just watched Norberg’s video from ROK the Rio today. I gotta say, the control that he has is amazing to see. His braking and wheel input are so smooth. He doesn’t chirp the tires under braking, and basically holds the wheel straight after the initial turn in. No countersteer, sliding, or need to rotate the kart more. Basically perfectly balancing the rotation of the kart.

He does sound slightly under-geared for the track but I don’t know anything about the ROK engines so I could be completely wrong there.

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Yeah he’s super smooth, nice guy too I believe. I think the gearing is deliberately a bit long judging by his closing speed along the full gas section, seems to be a bit dicey trying to pass in the twistys but he breezed past quite a few on the full gas section.

Lol 10th to 5th with an “excuse me” round the outside move twice in t1 and t2 of first lap.

He makes a rare mistake at 6:57 and drops from 2 to 6.

Noticing that when he has clear track his tires don’t squeak or squeal at all. I was doing something g similar last night in sim and landed some very, very fast closing sectors at PFI. It feels almost like you are under driving the chassis but driving to the grip of the tire. It feels slow and less dramatic but isn’t slow.

Part of me wishes I could drive like this. My ego/impatience gets in the way. I can’t bring myself to not push, to not try for more, to stay within the tire, always. At least in sim, where I really need this, I can’t seem to dial it back. Probably my ADD :crazy_face:.

14:14 going down straight engine makes weird noise, like a lift almost. Not sure what’s going on here and he doesn’t lose a spot so he must not have lifted. This happens on multiple laps. It does kind of seem like he modulates the throttle down slightly here but I don’t understand it.

21:50 after fighting back up to 2, he gets a bit of a tap in final corner, whilst trying to get under the leader. Think he woulda had him, maybe, but the tap pushes him aside a bit and two push through at the last moment. I am sure that was frustrating.

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The Rok GP has a rev limiter. I wonder if it was just peaking out and cutting the ignition? After a tenth of a sec, you can hear the engine just start to growl again before he lets up for the braking zone. Maybe someone else with a Rok GP can clarify for us.

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I hadn’t thought of that. That makes perfect sense. I hadn’t realized it’s a ROK.