[Video] Pitt Race 2018 Camaro ZL1 1LE vs 2017 Sodi/Modena Shifter Kart

Camaro did OK :smiley:

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It’s wierd but I think I’ll be happy in karts for the rest of my days. Cars are neat but man, cornering a kart is just so incredible. If you think about it, on sprint tracks, we pull 2g every 4s or so. That is not possible in a car.


That’s basically me for 20+ years…

If it’s my money being spent, I’m sticking with karts. To get the equivalent driving and competition experience in a car is more $ than I can justify.

I race karts on sprint tracks because it’s exciting and fast moving and challenging.

But that shifter on the big track looks fairly boring to me. Don’t take that the wrong way I know it’s not boring but In a big track setting give me the car all day long because it’s going to be a more challenging experience to slow the car from big speeds more difficulty to place it correctly and ultimately be more rewarding to drive…again in that setting.

For what it’s worth I’ve been to Pitt Race in my 380hp 996 GT3 and I turned a lap 5 seconds faster than that shifter. I’d love to give that kart a go on the kart track they have at Pitt Race though.

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That got me thinking and searching because that doesn’t seem right…
1:51 looks like the fastest 125 shifter time from the last race… Generally though times were all over the place it looks like.

At it’s best, road racing is pretty busy because you’ll be in a group of racers, working the draft and trying different things over the course of a 25mins race.

I know where you are coming from. Before I ran a shifter on the big tracks I thought it wouldn’t be nearly as fun as the sprint tracks because it looks like you have so much time and are just cruising… First road race definitely changed my mind about that though. I honestly couldn’t pick which I enjoy more sprint v.s. road, but do know that they are two completely different animals.

Same I enjoy both. My body enjoys road racing more though, I will say that much.

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That’s not possible in a car, unless it has serious aero and is light. (So $$$$$$$$)

Honestly, I’d argue that that shifter driver isn’t really “that” good, if he’s only .3 faster than the Camaro around a big track, but the apex speeds still show the difference.