[Video] Race Recap with Commentary (Briggs 206 Class at 61 Kartway)


(Joeseph Rapp) #1

61 Kartway had close racing all year in the 206 senior class here are some of the latest videos i have made since the end of the 2018 season

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(James McMahon) #2

That’s awesome. How long does it take you to put one of those together with the commentary? It’s gotta take hours surely

I changed the topic title to make it a bit clearer what this is about and scheduled a share on facebook today.

(Joeseph Rapp) #3

it Takes a few hours a lot of it is the rendering done for the camera views but i have gotten pretty efficient with it over the last couple years!

(Rick Brown ) #4

This is awesome! Stuff like this is GREAT for the sport, I wish that I had the time and talent to do this for my club. :clap::clap::clap:

(Dom Callan) #5

Very fun to watch, like a tv show!

(Mike Clark) #6

What are you using to edit you videos?
Nice video and Congrats on the 2nd place.

(Joeseph Rapp) #7

I am using Pinnacle Studio 22 ultimate. highly recommend it for the multi camera tool option it has

(James McMahon) #8

Looks reasonably priced too. I’ve tried a bunch of different editors over the years, but always ended up back with vegas\movie studio. Something about the workflow just clicks with me. Downloading the demo of pinnacle now to give it a go.

Do you think you could do a decent enough job without being at, or running in the race?

(Joeseph Rapp) #9

I could probably do a decent job not being at a race i would just need to get names and kart numbers down. That is easy doing the club races. i did all the 206 cup races in 2015 and it took some name learning. The editing though like camera views and graphics wouldn’t be hard to do at all. The only other added benefit of doing a race I’m in is i can catch editing mistakes easier if something doesn’t align right.

(Joeseph Rapp) #10

One of the most fun races to produce yet its currently being uploaded and will show up here!

(Mike Clark) #11

I did a very little bit of editing and used Shotcut free version. I just wanted to be able to clip the 7.5 minutes of Grid Sitting and anything after Pit-In. Nothing near the level you are doing.

(Joeseph Rapp) #12

here is race 9

(James McMahon) #13

If you just paste the link for the YouTube video (vs pasting it AS a link) it will embed automatically.

If that makes any sense.