[Video] Some laps in a ka100jr at atlanta motorsports park AMP

Is this footage taken after your previous race post?

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this was from after last race

Looking good. Better apex lap 2 t1.

Since you film a lot, consider spending a few dollars on a wind noise baffle for your gopro. It will get rid of the popping wind noises.

Taisioner Windslayer Cover for GoPro Hero 8 Hero 9 Black Housing Frame Case Video Noise Reduction Accessory

There’s one model for hero 8-9, one for hero 5-7.

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@Bimodal_Rocket thats cool i never knew they made something to muffle the wind noise definetly need that

Cool. Looks like per Dom’s suggestion you are using more of the track. Did you go up a tooth on the rear sprocket? Looks like you are pulling out of the corners a little better. I was trying to watch your tach readings, but engine sound helps a lot. Seems like you’re only bogged down in a couple of spots, more from driven line than gearing. That downhill hard right into the uphill corner (T2) might stand a little work.

Looks like you were getting pulled on the uphill run following T2 in the race. Might try a later apex. Rotate the kart a little earlier, then be on throttle before apex. If you apex to early, you will still be unwinding the wheel exiting the corner and won’t be able to put down as much power. In your practice run you are hitting apex even sooner and holding the wheel turned longer. This puts the kart in a Bind and does not allow maximum power output.

In fast corners, your body’s inertia will load up the outside of the kart and lift the inside rear with very little steering input, but in slow corners it may require more initial steering input to get the inside rear to unload and the kart rotated quicker. That should allow for a straighter trajectory through the apex and up the hill.

Check this out: https://driver61.com/uni/racing-line/
It was written for cars, but still applies to karting. He also has vidoes. Main difference is in karting you inputs may be more or less dramatic to get the inside rear to unload and the kart rotated.

Here is an example:
You can treat T2 like a decreasing radius. In almost all cases, your driven line has an apex deeper into the corner. In a case where you have connecting corners, you may have to sacrifice first corners for the best exit of the last corner especially onto a straight.

Just some thoughts.

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yes i went up a tooth thanks for the tips

Another observation: it looks to me like you could be finding earlier throttle on some turns. I see/hear you getting in power at apex or slightly past Apex. It’s not bad or anything, it’s subtle. There’s speed there though, in getting the timing right.

This might be a getting acclimated to the faster kart and engine thing.