[video] Vintage Briggs Flatheads at Barnesville

Once a mainstay of four stroke karting in the US, EPA regulations prettymuch made producing the flathead unsustainable. Now it looks like there’s a revival going on in the vintage scene and it looks like FUN!

Is it just me, or does Barnesville look perfect for these karts?

Decent trackside video too:

@Mynameismcgyver, that you?

They sound better than the 4 stroke of today. Angrier.

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Never been to Barnesville, but dragging the inside wheels in the dirt there is so old-school badass.

Mike went HAM on these dudes! The red mist came on pretty heavy with P2 and P3 in the final laps there.

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I grew up racing asphalt oval karts and boy do I miss the sound of the flatheads and smell of alcohol! We ran “super stocks” with a tiltson carb and they were awesome!

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Yep and no pushback bumpers either :laughing: