Videos of you karting

Post videos of you racing.

We’ve got a thread for that: KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

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I’m in the number 7.

/facepalm, @Rapid1 :grinning::heart:

See TJ’s comment

Akchooly, does it make sense for multiple racer video threads?

I can imagine a scenario where someone wants it stand alone: really big race or some other unusual circumstance.

I guess l would just ask folks to consolidate random karting vids that they want to share in the racer videos thread. If they don’t, we can move if appropriate or let it sit if so.

I think having it all in one thread is a good idea. Otherwise this whole forum would be people posting their club race on-boards every week and we’d never see any other topics.

I think if the video is looking for a specific question answered, then it might deserve it’s own thread for discussion, but if we are just posting casual on-boards they should be consolidated.

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What is the item that appears like a heat sink in the space between hub and chassis? From the braaaap this appears to be one of your normal gas powered karts?

Ok agreed. @KartingIsLife cqn you explain to me privately how to move a post into another thread? Thanks.

Wait a sec… is that electric? It’s going brrrrrap but it sounds very different. I am utterly confused by engine type.

That’s a brake caliper.

Doh. Shifter. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: I was just reading Brian’s electric thread. Mistaken identity. Also, appears to be Greg on a lay down further making me look dumb.

Not dumb. Just means we need more laydown representation on here.

Are we at a point where driver videos deserve their own forum category? Makes it easier to keep track of video-specific discussion then. Maybe “critique my driving” category…


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What happened Greg, seemed like you had to make a quick exit…

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Hmm. I sorta started the racer videos thread to keep it tidy here. I also started it because I enjoy trying to share my thoughts with those who enjoy it. Problem is, I don’t know who actually wants the commentary, so I am hesitant to comment on the first timers (I generally do anyways).

Also, many of you are well beyond my skill level so I can’t help many of you. This is where TJ and other clever people hopefully pick up my incorrect statements and correct them. I certainly don’t want to lead someone astray, unintentionally.

Maybe a “critique” my driving thread as well as a “watch me race and that’s it” thread. So far, hasn’t been necessary. No one has (yet) been offended by my attempts to comment meaningfully in the driver thread. No one has chewed me out, yet.

I think this is the correct way to look at it. If there is a specific question that is not illustrated by a long form race, then it’s own thread is appropriate.

In my defense that’s the biggest caliper I have ever seen. Are vintage calipers thicc?

@ around 1:30 a guy goes whizzing by a bunch of youwith what looks like a 10mph velocity difference. But yet, a hundred yard later, he seems to slow (or you get faster).

Is this due to draft? Seems like a huge run in sprint terms.

What I don’t understand with road racing is how pace seems to vary. You pass guys that seem to fall off pace temporarily for no good reason. Then, you have guys making these zooming runs that seem to come out of nowhere.

What’s the dynamic I am missing here? I am guessing no one is deciding they are tired mid-race and pausing for a nap. I noticed doing big oval at Charlotte that at higher speeds, the draft is HUGE. Is that the case here, since you all are going faster than normal sprint karts?

I was in the #7 and went on to win the race, the onboard was another machine.

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Dom, I was the guy in the #7 the onboard was from another machine. The whiz by and then slowing was due to a traffic jam going into the corner and an abundance of caution.

Gotcha. Sorry for confusion.