Vintage Margay? Help please!

Looking for some vintage kart guys to help me dial the ID in on this kart. I’m 90% sure it’s a Margay and I think it’s a Pro-X or AmPac? Any old-school guys out there that can help me out? I’ve checked the Margay website and it’s older than the records that they keep.

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Don’t know but that thing looks like a riot! :+1:

That looks really clean! Beautiful Kart.

Are there any plates on the chassis that could identify it?

You can always email Margay themselves, normally they have records that go back farther than the website shows. Also high chances some older folks working there might recognize it. They are normally pretty diligent about getting back and helping you out.

Let us know if they can identify it!

I love the circular air filter thingies at the back. Very hot rod.

Numbers are stamped into the front end where the spindles go, but Margay doesn’t have records that go back that far.