Vintage PCR with Minarelli Me110

The newest addition! Very thrilled, got it for a super good price.

Frame is in very good condition, change all the bolts and nuts to make it look great again. Find the correct stickers is next on the list.

Brand new Minarelli Me110 which hasn’t fired up since it got taken out of the box.

I will still drive my KZ and occasionally drive this one.

Anyone have any info on where I could get spares for this Baroni carb? Or will Tilotson stuff work for it?

Jag tror det passar med tillotson toppen ser lika ut och de andra. Kolla mondokart.

Yeah it sure look identical on the outside. But it could differ on the inside, I’ll tear it apart :grin:

Tillotson won’t work. I have a contact for the Baroni, you’ll have to buy them out of Italy

Btw is that a modified Ciao I see in the background?

Oh okay! Only buy from your contact or there is a website I can order from?

Yes it sure is!

PM sent for the contact