Vinyl Wrap and Stickers

I’m looking for to purchase a vinyl sticker wrap in roll or something similar to make my own stickers. I want to have a custom patterned background that can be used as a base on kart body panels, trailer, or what ever I think of to numbers and manufacture stickers on top of. Just wondering what brands or shops others have worked with and had good results.

Ok, got a sample of VVivid vinyl wrap, and I can not get it to stick the plastic bumper and side pods. What does everyone else use? Or am I doing it wrong? I’m not in love with any other factory’s or companies livery, and getting custom decals is also expensive. I was looking at vinyl wrap to be cheaper and a more complete color change than the decal packages for sale.

Has anyone else had luck with vinyl wrap?

@tjkoyen might have some ideas when he gets back after the weekend.

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I’m not a huge expert on the actual material, I leave that up to my printer, but when I’m applying decals I always clean the plastic with brake cleaner first to get the oils and release agents off the bodywork. That usually helps it stick better.

Other than that, just make sure you’re getting something that’s high-adhesive, thick laminate, and good conformability. Thin material is going to get destroyed with any contact. Car wrap material is probably the best bet. Use plenty of heat when applying and make sure you’re stretching out any wrinkles.

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This is what I got to try. It is car wrap and it feel pretty thick.

Do I need something like this to prep the surface? Or does brake clean work just as well?

I’ll try prepping the surface next time. I tried starting on the nosecone, but I think I’ll move to the side pods since they are flatter. I’ve applied vinyl numbers and stickers before, but not an entire wrap.

Putting stickers on the kart, I lucky bought two different yellow patterns by mistake. The square one on the bottom doesn’t stick only to the nassau. Comes right off the bumpera and pods like cling wrap on glass. Very simliar to the vinyl i bought and tried. The sticker on top in the image stickers very well and can be easily applied. Just need to find the right vinyl with the right adhesive backing. The great vinyl hunt continues.

I have used Bulldog Adhesion Promoter on some plastic gun stocks when doing epoxy bedding of actions and such. You could try it:

Vinyl application fluid

TJ said brake clean works fine. Try whatever cleaner you use in a spot not normally seen first. The mold release is some of the problem. Old vinyl and old transfer tape does work well either. You want to buy from someone selling ‘fresh’ vinyl.

I did prep the areas with brake clean and the square still did not stick. I’ll try different prepping cleaners and stuff. I might just go to a wrap installer and see what they think. This is a longer term goal. Want to did it right. I thought I was going to be screwed though when I was worried about number blowing off.

Are the body panels new? I like to cook the glaze off with a propane torch the clean with alcohol. Works like a charm! :wink:

Bring this thread back, as I looking to get a set of decals made for my body work. KG FP7 Evo

Can any recommend a place in the US to get custom decals made or where I can find a template for my body panels. I have someone that can do the photoshop work wot get what I want, so just need a vector template and a place to get them printed.

He can design for you if you want, or if you have a design he can print it for you as well. Send him a message and he can let you know what you need


I used carbon digital and he was awesome to deal with

Do they have matching templates for factory graphics?

I do not know. He might be able to, but that’s something you’d have to ask him

Having worked in the plastics industry (containers) in a previous life, plastic and adhesives don’t always get along. Try a pass over the area you want the wrap/graphics to adhere to with a propane torch. It doesn’t take much, just wave it over the surface. It works with high density polyethylene (which I think most bodywork is made of). Polyethylene has to be flame treated before pressure sensitive labels (in our case, graphics) can be applied with any expectation of them actually sticking.

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We can supply sticker kits for all karts.
Pre designed or custom designed.
You need specialized material for low surface energy plastics.