VIR karting

Has anyone taken a kart to the Virginia International Raceway kart track? If so, when do they allow owner karts?

No, but I have been there when some people have brought their karts out. There was basically no safety rules enforced. Which you know, hey - Fine, that’s on the owners I guess. With that being said, that place can be sketchy in a rental kart from my experience. I’ve considered taking my TaG or Shifter their a few times but decided against it.

I think some of the long track road racers kart there.

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I think it is mostly a Rental Based track that is open when the Main Track is open for an event. It is a small operation that looks to be a way of engaging the non-big race car drivers (fans, family, friends and crews) to have some wheel to wheel fun while at the track. During the SCCA Runoffs a few years ago, it was full of mostly crew members with a few competitors.

As for bringing your own kart out, I am sure they would let you have a go for a small fee. It looked to be a fairly relaxed environment with your basic waiver, safety gear and short instruction before cutting you loose on track. The track itself was great. Lots of elevation changes, tricky off camber corners and good mix of flowing and tight corners. I am sure if you reached out to them, you could set up some track time in your own kart. You may have to do it during an event on the main track, which would likely require the purchase of an Event Ticket in addition to your kart track fees.

Web site states: contact the VIR Kart Track at (434) 822-7700 x350 or [email protected]. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.

I did the rentals, clockwise, in the wet, with slicks out there last summer. That off camber downhill part everyone wipes out on was basically a mud bog. Gravity would simply pull you off the track. It was crazy.

I did reach out but have never got a response unfortunately. Looks like the place may not check that email very often. I went over there when I was doing a track day on the main course and the workers said they open it up once a month on Sunday. I have my own kart now and would be pretty fun to turn some laps there. Didn’t know if anyone had done that before. If they do, would be cool to get a few folks over there if interested. Just for some fun.