Visor stickers, in the middle of the visor

Does anyone have experience with these stickers, like on Freddie’s helmet?

Is it just a normal sticker, or is it some kind of special “see-through”? image

I’m guessing perforated along the lines of

SkullSkins USA Made Perforated See Through Helmet Shield Sticker (111 Styles) - Frontiercycle (Free U.S. Shipping) (AGGRESSIVE RIDER)

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It’s not a decal, it’s a custom made visor. The logo is in the mirror coating itself. When they mirror coat the visor, they have the logo masked off on there.

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Wouldn’t that block their vision or distract it? I wouldn’t want to do that to myself lol

You can’t see it when you’re wearing it, as it’s just the mirror coating. From the inside it’s basically an even tint across the visor.


Do you know where i can get one made?

Monocolle in Japan does custom orders.

Looks like you need to order 3 minimum and there’s a 2 month lead time.

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Really cool, but expensive! $470 each.

Yeah I’ll pass xD

Looks super cool though for sure

Is that each or for the set of 3? I interpreted it as $470 for the set of 3 visors. That’d be about $156/visor, which isn’t actually too bad. My Stilo visors cost $140 for a mirror finish, so $16 more and I can get a custom logo on it (although I’d also need to buy an Arai helmet as well then, plus pay TJ to paint it and whatnot).

That wasn’t clear. For 3, makes sense. I guess if you are doing this, someone is paying to have their logo on your helmet, anyways.

pocket change for european karting drivers

Does anyone paint used helmets kept in good condition? or would I have to wait till I buy a new one?

As long as there aren’t any deep scratches or scrapes it should be fine to paint.

sweet. Im hoping to get mine painted within a year or so. I’ll DM you when I start the process.

I want to paint my helmet too :+1: