Vortex ex rok complete wiring old type

Good morning from Greece.

I was trying to find a new wiring complete for my engine. And they told me that the type that I have is the old one and don’t exist any more. They have available the new type but I see many differences with my electric system.
My engine is a. Vortex rok 125 tag.

Any help from there so I can find o new one. Old type?

Many thanks for your time.


I found today with the help from mondokart that the old type is completely compatible with the new type wiring harness.

The only thing that I need due to upgrade to that is the new type battery box…

Problem solved here.
Goodmorning from Greece

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Nice! I was going to say try Koene in the Netherlands if you were stuck. They have been a vortex shop for a long time. Even had parts for my vortex formula A when I needed them.

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