Vortex RKZ engine Help (Manuals)

I’ve been looking for an owner/maintenance manual of the vortex RKZ engine but with no luck.

Does anyone happen to have a manual of this engine? Just need some parameters such as

  1. piston/cylinder clearance
  2. ignition timing
  3. max conrod big end ovalization before changing
  4. max cylinder ovalization before honing

Would this be what you are looking for?


Generally the ‘race engines’ generally don’t come with manuals. The limits will come down to what the regulations of the class allow (in this case KZ). So basically you have to find out yourself what the best timing is. What the best piston clearance is. It’s a tuners class, so it’s up to you to find out really. You could speak to the US Vortex dealer. They should be able to give you same good baselines.

There’s homologation documents and stuff like that which might help.

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Vortex RKZ is nicasil plated, usually no honing is required. If i recall correctly the standard piston size is 53.93. Then there are over-dimensions.

For Vortex RVZ we did use 1.4mm ignition timing, RKZ should be similar.