Vortex Rok 125cc senior engine 2010 model . Opinions?

Im thinking about get one of those just for practice sessions , fitted on a tony frame 2010 senior class also …
Thanks in advance .

Is this the Rok TT? If so, it’s a nice engine package.

Good engine and I believe Vortex in Orlando still stock parts for it. Good for practice, finding a race for it would require verifying the exact model and finding out what classes/motors are eligible at the races you run.

Thats the engine .
Many thanks for the help .

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Great engine, I think it was actually pulled out of some TaG classes because it was too fase.

Contact @Garett_Potter at Rok USA to find out about spares. I’m pretty certain they stock them.

10003 Satellite Blvd #200
Orlando, Fl 32837
Tel: (407) 476-5635
Fax: (407) 438-7739
Email: [email protected]

Well thats great help , thanks james !
Im thinking that is fast enough and also the simplicity of this engine , make him a great plant for practice days .

Cheers from Greece .

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This is the original ROK JR engine, they have moved to the ROK GP for this class now. Here is a link to manuals and info, http://www.vortex-engines.com/motori-rok-junior_en.php hope this helps.


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Many thanks garett.

Greetings from Greece