Vortex rok cylinder porting flow optimization

Here is a good work from our friend Nick from portingflowworks.

As we waiting for a new piston on the vortex rok , its an opportunity to check and bring the cylinder to the optimal form it can be . And boy as we check via the manufacturer measurements we found a lot of differences !


Do you have a dyno sheet before the modifications? I’d like to see the before and afters.

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We dont have a dyno near home , i dont even know if a dyno for kart engines is available in the whole greece .

I didn’t see one till now …

but i will write you down after assembly the engine and drive the kart , how it feels and if our laptimes have an improvement on the same track we practice before the mods .

We also wanted that comparison before the porting we have changed a lot of stuff
Carbon reed pedals ,the head was warn and flushed at the edges of the squiz band from maybe coolant leakage from the previous owner also the squiz band was totally wrong to 1.30mm now we have to machine the head to clean and modify the chamber to the correct cc and 1.05mm of squiz as starting point we will keep you updated i hope to see huge difference over 2hp after proper tuning to all power band maybe more at the top

The biggest challenge now is knowing how mow much improvement the porting cleanup did vs the reeds and squish gap.

2HP would be HUGE

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