Vortex ROK GP - Airbox filtration?

(Jason Bedford) #1

New to karting - I purchased a used Intrepid Cruiser MS3 with a Vortex ROK GP motor. I was surprised to see that there was no filter in the airbox / intake silencer.

When I asked at the track they told me to just keep the inside of the airbox clean, especially if I go off the track.

Not running a filter is really foreigh to me. I don’t want to damage the motor with it sucking in debris. Is it true these motors use just the intake silencer without a filter? Is there an aftermarket filter option that will give me a little more piece of mind without creating performance issues?



(Allen Dolph) #2

I use one of these https://www.fastech-racing.com/rlv-airbox-filter.html

Not sure if it robs any horsepower, but like you, I was hesitant to run without one.

Hopefully others will chime in and give their thoughts…

(Jason Bedford) #3

Hi Allen,

Do you use this filter in place of the airbox, or can this filter be installed inside of the airbox?


Thank you!

(Allen Dolph) #4

Inside the airbox. It pretty much replaces the rubber boots that comes with the airbox.

(TJ Koyen) #5

Lots of people run a filter like the above on a variety of engines. A nice way to ensure you don’t suck up dirt or something in an off-track excursion.

(Christian Fox) #6

I’ve always found it odd that Rok supplies its motors without foam filters. If you are in a bind without a filter, smear some grease in the bottom of the airbox and around the red trumpet-thingy openings. This will help trap some dirt or dust before it gets sucked into your engine.

(Jason Bedford) #7

@Christian_Fox, do you know if the filters are an accessory? I can’t seem to find much on the web about filters for the Vortex motors.

(Scott Shade) #8

I do not normally run an air filter on our Rok shifter unless the track is very dirty. I use grease inside of the intake silencer to trap bigger particles/stones. I also use a light coating of white lithium on the trumpets- this gives you a good idea of how dirty the track actually is and catches some particles as well. Running with a filter is only a tenth or two slower with the shifter but I’m not sure about the GP package. Maybe practice with a filter and race without?

(Christian Fox) #9

Rok (Arrow) does not make an OEM piece, so guys just use a generic one like the one referenced by Allen.

(Jason Bedford) #10

Thanks! My trumpets don’t have the plastic mesh covers on their either. I guess that would stop larger particles.

I’ll have to source the filter above in Canada and give it a go. The filter will give me piece of mind when I’m just lapping around the track.

One other question, I see some sites offering two different lengths of trumpets. Does this tune the inbox in any way or is it just different lengths trumpets for different size airboxes?

I appreciate all the feedback!