VORTEX ROK GP clutch drum clearance/play

Hello lads, anyone has the same problem that the clutch drum has some play ? I am not sure if its common thing or not…Its problem to proper align.
Thank you

120043037_337313354378331_6631333657667957638_n|666x500 with rear sprocket

Some play is normal, how much play is there?

Mine has a little play less than about 1-1.5 mils, it may not even be that much, I’m not great with measurements without a tool lol. when I holdthe drum and move it back and forth it moves a little which I believe is normal for proper engagement?

My super rok has play, wich is normal for rok gp/superrok. My x30 have almost nothing

I dont how much exactly it is, but i can measure whils i will be in the garage, but i think it could be around 1-2 milimetres

I find that in clutch assembly there is some bell plate (number 172) but i dont have it, my friend doesnt have it too and on official video of rok gp disasembly there is no plate either :smiley: So is it necessary to have this bell plate?Maybe thats the reason why there is a play.

If you are referring to the bell plate, I honestly have never seen that before. I don’t run it on mine and I know others that don’t run it either.

Sorry you did say bell plate my bad, I read it too quicky.

My superrok has been re-built by one of the most respected builders around here, even with original sprocket with copper bushing. I dont have that plate either, and this is my play. I think those motors needs this play. Funny that my x30 dont…


Yeah, i have the same play as you, so it looks like its a normal thing :smiley: Thank you

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