Vortex ROK GP - fuel requirements

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New to the ROK, and want to ensure that I am running the right fuel so I don’t damage the motor.

At my track (in Canada), they run Sunoco Race Fuel - Standard 100 octaine leaded fuel. I guess this keeps things consistent amongst the racers. In the US, I beleive the ROK class uses Sunoco Race Fuel - Supreme - which I beleive is 112 octaine leaded fuel. Not sure if there are any other differences.

If I am just doing some training / lapping sessions, do I need to run the race fuel, or can I use pump gas? In Canada I can get Ultra94 - which is 94 octaine unleaded pump fuel. If I mix this to the correct ratio, will this hurt the motor? The track indicated it would cause detonation and damage the motor.

I have read to stay away from any fuel containing ethanol to avoid drying out the seals and to do away with the water/moisture content.

Does anyone have any opinion about pump vs race fuel for fun lapping sessions? The last thing I want to do it damage the motor during practice sessions.

Thanks for your opinions.

The actual octane of the pump fuel would be OK. The 110 race fuel is more octane than it needs, but it won’t hurt it and it gives everyone a bit of a buffer against detonation.

Two considerations for running race fuel.

  1. Internals of two stoke engine love, love, love lead.
  2. Consistency between batches: That’s actually the biggest difference between pump fuel and “race” fuel. Many race fuels are a lower octane than some pump offferings.

To answer your question, I suspect pump fuel would be “OK” for practice, keep things on the conservative side of course.

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Buy ethanol free branded gas, if available. Water binds to ethanol, so a trick to separate it from fuel is to add some water into a container of gas, & the water-bound component, being heavier than free gas, will sink to the bottom of the container.

Easiest way to do this would be to use a gas container with a drain tube, & preferrably with a petcock valve. Add in some water to the fuel in the container, then set it inverted for a day. The water will bind the ETOH & will be sitting below the free gas. While keeping the can inverted, carefully drain away the offending ethanol. A translucent container will makes it easier to see where to stop draining.

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Thanks - ethanol free for sure, but I think I will purchase the race fuel for now while I am still learning things to give me some additional piece of mind.

I appreciate the feedback!

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