Vortex Rok GP tools

Hi lads, does anyone could confirm, if these tools fits onto my ROK GP engine?If anyone has this engine and these tools :smiley:

OEM CODE - WA052/KF - clutch puller


PVL ingnition puller


Thank you

You would need


https://koene.com/product/vortex-clutch-nut-fix-open-key-rok-rok-gp (to hold ringear in place)

I have never really needed the ignition puller but if you need it I wouldn’t oppose getting it

Hope this helps!

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I use this Vortex clutch nut fix key on my superRok … Works perfect.

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Thanks guys, i ordered those parts from my first post and it fits…I also made an holding key for magnet…Only thing what i missing is that holding key for clutch but now i am using a piston holder

Forgot to ask, what piston stop are you using? Is it a 14mm thread? And is it metal. I got a plastic one but it’s horrible.


I have metal one, aluminium to be exact

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