Vortex RV-RVS engine compatibility

I picked up two old tony karts with vortex engines in them for super cheap. Looks like they’re from 2002 if I had to guess. I initially thought it had the rok shifter engine but after a closer look, it looks like an old RV-RVS engine. Top end needs rebuilt and I can’t find parts anywhere for this engine. Do you know what piston/gaskets are compatible? Does it use the same clutch? Any info you guys have on it would help me a ton. I tried reaching out to vortex directly but they were no help.

I’ve seen this happen a few times, including folks selling them as RoK engines and pretending to not know any better when called out😮

That said, still a great engine. I loved mine, super revvy and fun to drive.

I’m sure there’s someone out there, but I can’t think of anyone offhand in the US that has spares.

I’ve had good luck with older Vortex parts with Martijn Koene in Holland. You can try the website at www.koene.com, failing that shoot them an email with what you need. They may even be able to give some info on parts that interchange between the RVS and RoK.

I can see how someone makes the honest mistake if they don’t know what they have!

I don’t plan on racing them, just some good ol fun at the track on weekends. Would be nice to maintain them, I’ll most likely take the other engine out of the other kart as a backup and put something cheaper/less powerful in it

I sent them an email, I didn’t see anything on their website about this engine. Thanks for help!

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For anyone who may be looking for the same info as I am, Mr. Koene was able to help and sent a PDF of the engine diagram with part numbers. It looks like it’s mostly just the gears that have changed. RVS RVX and RVXX (old ICC engines) pistons are all compatible. Here is the info if any future RVS owners are in the same boat as I am

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