Vortex SuperRok/Rok GP starter problem

Hi guys, currently I have a problem with the starter or mainly with that small connector inside the starter. Do you know if could be removed and changed? Or is there any chance to get it work without removing? It have had problems with this since last driving, few times it helps to wiggle with that connector, but now no chance to start it.
Do you have experience with that kind of the problem?
Thanks in advance.

That connector attaches to one of the brushes inside of the starter. When you were wiggling it at first it was making intermittent contact, and now the brush is completely detached from that connection point.

You’re going to have to pull the starter and replace that brush. I’m going to assume it’s the same starter almost every TaG engine uses. If you need instructions on how to do a starter overhaul here’s a video to help you out…

The RoK manual may have it. If not you can always revert to an IAME manual as the starters should be the same…

video - GO KART HOW TO: Starter Motor Fix and Repair the Brushes - POWER REPUBLIC - YouTube

Comments on the Power Republic video:
Instead of a vice, you can drill a hole in a 2x4 a little larger than the protrusion in the end plate. This will hold the end plate as you install the brushes.
I’ve used a couple of 2" alligator clips to hold the brush and spring in place while dropping in the armature.
Good luck.

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Thank you, I will loon on that video. I dont think so, that in ROK manual is something about repair the starter, so I guess I will use tht IAME manual, but I don’t like to remove whole engine and that engine housing on that magnet/coil side as I dont know how to make a timing on that magnet/ignition rotor as there is no manual or video how to set this

Hi guys, so finally i changed those brushes, but when i deassembly the starter some damaged bits came off that housing. I cant find any info on the internet, but it looks like some support for the shaft of the start inside that housing?

Most starters have a bushing at the bottom of the long cylindrical case (upper right in your picture) and a bearing on the end that contains the brushes. If that came out of the cylinder, then it is likely what is left of your bushing. They look too small to part of the magnets in the cylinder, but slightly larger inner diameter of the usual bushing. Can you upload a pic of the inside of the cylinder or where ever the came out of?

I think its a definitely a bushing from inside that housing. Bearing is still there

I would agree. I cannot find a replacement part number listed anywhere. There is not much to it, just a brass collar essentially. If you can somehow piece together the old one for dimensions, you can probably find a suitable replacement from the industrial community.

Note to all, always dab a spot of grease on the end bushing when you have the starter shaft out!

Thanks, I will do that. I noticed that a tooth wheel inside has a play and I think that that wheel should have less play…I will take a video .That in red circle. Both wheels have a play, but that red one has much more…