Vortex VLR 100 VS IAME KA100

I just wanted to know what differences are there between reliability, time till rebuild, availability to parts, support, and speed difference.
In a mixed class ka100 vs a vlr100, who would win, same chassis, same skill level.
If anyone competes the F-series and has experience in this class let me know.

Both are quality products. KA is more popular across the board and marginally faster at the same weight. It’s also more expensive. Rebuild period etc is essentially the same as they are quite similar mechanically.

Depends on the weight the engines are required to run at. There’s a few F Series racers here…


If I am not mistaken F-series has 100cc but it’s a small multi age field. I don’t know current numbers, may have grown.

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James pretty much nailed it. In senior spec the KA is faster and more popular but more expensive to buy in.

Not totally sure on reliability but I can’t see anything being better than the KA, it’s pretty much bulletproof.

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From what I understand they both have there performance characteristics. in Jr the VLR seems faster then KA, in SR I believe the KA has better low end grunt. In mixed SR. events the KA usually has an additional 10lbs to make it a level playing field with the VLR.


If the vlr is faster in junior what if I just put a ka senior restrictor and pipe on the vlr for senior would it match the, if it would fit.

Yeah, I forget which way it was, but when Rok still allowed KAs to run at Rok Vegas, I believe there were more VLRs in Junior, an equal split in Senior, and more KAs in Master (or the other way around, it was something to that effect).

I feel like that would fail tech pretty quickly :joy:

I don’t think the exhaust headers would match up, and not sure if the performance difference is related strictly to the exhaust. Pretty sure both have no form of senior restrictor.

Some series allow the Jr KA to run a larger restrictor (25 or 26 mm instead of 22 mm) to even it out with the VLR.

I mean but ,l mean I’m I would be faster the ka 100 lol :joy:

With the 10lb weight difference and the newer VLR header they seem to pretty close. They do make power differently, the VLR you gotta run a couple more teeth it seems as it likes the RPM and doesn’t have as much grunt.