VP race gas

With the price of race gas now about $20 a gallon, I have been looking for options. I became aware that VP makes a spec fuel for sportsman dirt modifieds here in the northeast. The fuel is identified as D98. Apparently, they use a specific dye to easily tech the race fuel, that is the D in its name. I was able to find a 2010 press release from VP stating that the chemical composition is the same as the motorsports line, so in this case the MS98L. I can get this fuel for $12 a gallon. My concerns are is it really the same? Since this is being drawn from a barrel, is it as clean as a sealed 5 gallon pail, and will it mix with 2-stroke oil.

Does anyone have insight or experience with D98?

What engine? Nothing currently raced needs leaded gasoline, it all runs fine on 93.

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Sorry, I’m a bit sore after being disqualified for running Arco gasoline yesterday.

I run KA but we can only get 91 pump gas without ethanol in my area. All 93 has ethanol. My track sells Sunoco in either 95 unleaded or 110 leaded but they both are $90-100 for a 5gal pail.

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Yes, and the ethanol is why you should use 93 - alcohol gives a very high resistance to detonation.

Problem is that the ethanol content in pump gas can be all over the place. Not worth dealing with IMO. What you gain in detonation resistance and a little oxygenation you lose in energy density.

Maybe for practice you can run ethanol. But for racing just run the appropriate octane for your engine, sans ethanol.

Ethanol is a filler for gasoline IMO. It’s a band aid to raise octane for road going vehicles. If we’re talking E85 or E100 that’s a different story, however we’re not running kart engines on that so it’s kinda moot.


Really depends on how it’s being dispensed and stored. But generally the places that dispense it understand the importance of having appropriate storage etc.

Found this fuel table while poking around:


Ethanol, methanol, MTBE, or TAME are what are used to oxygenate oxygenated racing gasolines. You’ll have a lower AFR than with a nonoxygenated fuel, so you just have to enrich the mixture either way.

Either way, why would VP MS98L be preferable to MS100/Streetblaze, or 100 octane unleaded Sunoco racing gasoline?

Not sure its preferable, its just what’s available at a reasonable cost. The 260GT (Sunoco 100 unleaded) appears to be sold in one location near me.

I just started using Sunoco 260GTX but it’s $93 a pail. The standard Sunoco 110 is cheaper, but was wanting to run lower octane. Also needed a race gas that isn’t oxygenated or has any ethanol as they’ll pop the fuel meter.

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There’s always 100LL if you know someone.

We have a local filling station, Jackson Oil, that sells VP products, and I frequent the pump with VP 112 Blue, which I’ve been told by the station is the same as C12. It’s around $9.xx/gal these days.