VR Headsets

Seen as sim racing is becoming more prevalent, i’m looking at what I could get second hand that will meet my needs.

Has anyone got any recommendations?
Has anyone tried more than one headset?

I have my eyes on a used Lenovo Explorer.

How much? That’s what I have. It’s the lightest and simplest of the lot. It’s great for that reason. I find that while it has zero bells and whistles it’s totally worth it. I got mine new without the hand units for 200. You don’t need controllers for driving.

The other used one to get is the samsumg odyssey +. Slightly higher resolution and a good anti screen door effect coating. If you can find it used, that’s the go-to popular one.

At this point, with covid, it’s gotten hard to find the used stuff at prices that were around a month ago.

The htc and the oculus are good too. They have base stations and really good hand tracking so also great for non driving games. Can’t go wrong with those either.

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Awesome, 200 Canadian for the explorer (with controllers) but I haven’t looked at anything else yet.

Buy it, with controllers is good price

All U need.

If you love vr, graduate to Valve index when avail.

Odyssey seems to be about $500 Canadian with controllers. Theres one on Ebay for 180ish USD but its condition is used as opposed to the explorer which is like new.

Used 180 with controllers is good too. If it’s odyssey “+”. And it works etc.

Ignore the 400-600 nonsense

The used odyssey+ that’s listed at 160 and 180 with contrlllers etc used look ideal. No idea where bidding ends tho. I’d get the Lenovo’s for 200 of those go above 250

I have the lenovo explorer and I’m happy enough with it. I believe it’s a slightly higher res than Oculus.

Yeah, i’ve read the res is better then for example the vive but it doesn’t have as good tracking, which I don’t need as I’ll only use it for racing games.

I just sold my Oculus to my buddy. I liked it but I didn’t have anything to compare it to. Seemed like a nicely built piece though.

Nik, put it this way. I just bought my friends current gen Htc cosmos that is a better headset on paper in many ways than my Lenovo explorer. I prefer the Lenovo.

The explorer may not be available, a Acer just became available. Any thoughts?

My own research seems to indicate that the acer and lenovo are basically the same (maybe based on the microsoft reference).

I think you are correct. They look identical.

Managed to get a Samsung Odyssey for free from a Surgery VR training company that was upgrading.

Haven’t played a racing game yet but some of the shooting stuff is unreal. I’ve punched a wall a couple of times and my wife keeps trying to walk off with it on.

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How’s the motion sickness? Either of you fall over yet?

Only time I felt a hint of motion sickness was during a 360 video of a rocket man but, it’s hilarious watching other people play, especially if they are climbing or trying to pick things off the ground.

That’s good news then. Looks like it won’t be an issue. Try rolling backwards for fun.

On the subject of VR… dude spent 168hrs straight in VR.

Bump on this topic.

Any of you guys have an update on your VR head sets?
What are the refresh rates and resolutions I should be looking for?
Also what pc requirements should I take into consideration? I’m looking for some iRacing and KK fun / training next year.