Waiting for delivery!

(Oliver Gravino) #1

Hey all,

Super excited to take delivery on this beauty next week!! Can’t wait!! 2018 Praga Dark, x30

(Dom Callan) #2

It’s a mean looking machine. Enjoy!

(Ted Hamilton) #3

Congrats!! I had a Praga Dragon and loved the brakes…had the previous owner not worn through the nose rail, filled it with JB weld, and re-powdercoated, I’d still have it!

I was told that the front end geometry on the Dark is superior in adjustability and capability to the Dragon. Should be a nice ride for you!! Brandon Jarsocrak was certainly FAST on it… Good luck in 2019!

(Liam Sergeant) #4

Great looking kart. Looks aggressive!

It’s this your first new kart?

(stamatis stampelos) #5

Praga is a fine tuned kart that goes just fine between other top brands in Greece the last 2 seasons…
The couple weeks they also import a cheap entry level kart chassis that. Get. My atencion…

Good luck and. Have. Fun. Man.
Great. Kart!

(Oliver Gravino) #6

Thanks guys! It’s almost new. Has one practice session on it. It’s the first kart I’ve owned. Just driven other people’s before

(Gary Mangiapia) #7

Wow thats is gorgeous. Congrats and good wins.