Walbro vs Briggs carbs?

Just curious from the engine specialists, is there any appreciable difference between a Walbro and Briggs manufactured LO206 carbs?

Our home club is outlawing the Walbro carbs, and the only reason i can think of is that there is a performance difference and you cant get new Walbro carbs.

I have one of those old ones with the Japan marking, was told with some tuning you could get maybe .5hp out of them. Pretty sure they are going away from those to reduce people chasing down “special carbs” for big $$$

Some Walbros will fail the Venturi test. But yes they can have a teeny weeny advantage. .5 sound like a lot. When I had a back to back done it was barely a 10th and the fuel curve was not quite as good as the newer carb.

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CKNA already said no Walboro branding. There’s really nothing usable power wise to warrant seeking one out. I got a pile of them that the 602 won’t catch on. Even the hogged out ones don’t produce lap times.

I have no need to seek them out, i have 2 walbros and 1 briggs, and im trying to understand why im being forced to replace them if there is no advantage to them.

Because there’s a chance the carb won’t pass tech and it nulls the perception that (for example) they are worth 0.5hp

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I think the big advantage to the Walbro is for the seller. People want to make money and in many cases the seller is making a few more bucks by selling a “rare” and of course more expensive part. We have had them. My last one got destroyed in a crash and we haven’t looked for a replacement. We won races with them but we have won plenty without. We noticed absolutely no difference. Other than the Briggs carb was free.

I would assume your 3 engines were new enough that they came with Briggs carbs. Do you still have them?

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Nope, only have the 3 carbs. I did have one other briggs carb, but it got destroyed in a crash. Either way, only the one club we run at have outlawed the Walbro, the other allow it, so I’ll just have to have an engine specific for each track.

Wow. No wonder you needed to outfit that trailer. I’m lucky if I have air filters. My son only has one engine. We carried a spare engine for a season and never used it. I sold to buy tires. I figure if we have a problem on race day someone will lend me a motor.

I only bought one new. I paid peanuts for another one, since its an expired seal, so its a practice day engine/spare parts. Third one i won in a raffle last year. Best $20 i ever spent.

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It really sucks that you have carbs you can’t use. In the end I think it will be better for the sport. I have talked to guys spending $2,500 on Briggs motors and I worry that this will end up like the Honda/ clone.

Yeah i can understand that, we used to run Honda and I heard all the stories about the $3000 specials. Ah well, like i said other clubs still allow both, so i can use them there and eventually replace them when finances allow.