WANTED: Kid Kart LO206

Location: North Florida, South Georgia
Price: $900-1600 (depending on what you have)

Details: Looking to get my 7 year old into the sport. I heard the term Kid Kart and Cadet Kart pretty loosely, which I why I mention her age so you have a better I dea of what I’m looking for.

For most clubs/series, 7 year old would still be kid kart (what you have pictured). A cadet kart is generally 8 to 12 and would be the next size larger chassis (still not a full size chassis). Unfortunately, you are going to have a hard time finding a 206 kid kart in your price range. The engines themselves are going for $800-$900 used. Not saying it cant be done, but you might also look at kid karts with Comer or Honda engines on them just to get laps in for a while before then upgrading to a 206. When starting out a kid, lots of seat time is the name of the game.

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I just struck gold. Just picked up a used kid kart, with an Lo206, kart stand, new helmet, MyChron 4, and extra parts for $1,500.



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