WANTED: Kid Kart

Location: South Georgia
Price: 1500-2500

Details: My 6 year old son is wanting to get into karting. So I’ve been researching and educating myself as much as possible. So looking for a solid setup for him. I have a near 5 year old coming up behind him, so might be able to get 2 kids through this kid kart.

Kid karts should be easy to find as they have a short shelf life (damn kids keep growing) although the beginning of the season may not be ideal.

You may want to visit your local track(s) and put out feelers as well.

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Anybody know what the track options are in South GA? Looking at the track directory I’m not seeing much sprint tracks, but plenty of ovals which tracks.

The closest sprint options that seem to have some decent activity are the North FL Kart Club in Jacksonville (90 min drive for me). Also Monticello Karting is somewhat close as well. Orlando and Atlanta are both 3.5 hours away.

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Almost the best bang for you buck in kid karts is shipped direct from Mondokart

That’s how we go our 2 kid karts, and likely a 3rd one this year.

Shipping at most was 200$ on top of that

Lamar County Speedway in Barnesville Georgia isn’t in South Georgia, it’s at exit 201 off I-75. They have a group of kid kart classes. They race on a regular schedule, check their website.

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Go with the Briggs setup, a good bit faster than the comer motor, and tracks here in the south look to be getting bigger fields. Plus when you move up no need to buy another motor package.

My 02 cents, skip the kid kart and buy a cadet kart. They can run it in kid fields and grow into it as they go into cadet. Or else you’ll be buying two karts in a matter of a couple years; when if you go this route you’d be good for 5 years.


Jacksonville 103rd would most likely be his closest track.

As for as parts supplier, a new one just opened in his area, South Georgia Karting.


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I’d agree if it was just one kid, but for two so close in age, I’d run the KK for a year then hand it down to the next kid and buy a cadet for the older one. This also depends on the kids’ sizes; we started at almost four, and my daughter barely fit in a KK despite being tall (for her age). The much lighter KK also helped her run all morning without getting bogged down. If the 6yo is on the big side, definitely cadet. But if they are small for 6 and 4, a KK that becomes a hand-me-down could be a good route, especially if you’ll be looking at two karts in the future anyways. At least for us, that’s the plan (the 2yo is already telling us she is big enough, haha)

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