Edit: 130mm front and 210mm rear.

Open to new or used!

Would need to be shipped to 92126 if not local.

I had no idea OTK made a 147mm rim!

I may be wrong then as i was taking an educated guess as to what the front rim size is for an ka100 chassis.

Do you know what is typical?

2022 Gillard TG17

I didnt know they did either. But they sure do. I thought 130/210 was standard, but now I am second guessing myself.


I was told that 130mm is the correct answer.

Apologies for any mental gymnastics performed on my behalf.

Virtually all front wheels are 130mm. The AMV Lynx is 132mm front. DWT also makes different size front.

Most rear wheels (for 7.1 rear tires). All AMV wheels are 212mm and again DWT has a few different size.

Here is a table on wheel sizes and characteristics

Full disclaimer - I import AMV wheels into the USA. .

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