Wanting to go B stock racing

Looking for any help and info on B stock. Getting back in karting. Like to run the twin engine. B stock seems best for old 45 guy. I’m in Indianapolis. Looking for what chassis and engine builder to run? Any info and help would be great.

Hi Ande,

Welcome to the forums! (Personally) I am not familiar with B stock. However, I wonder if chatting with Greg Wright might be helpful. He owns Rapid Racing Inc, and seems to have extensive knowledge of just about any kart category under the sun.


I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have and hopefully get you on the right track so to speak.
Rapid Racing is located on US Hwy 136 more or less in front of Lucas Oil Raceway (Formerly IRP) just west of Indy.
I pilot a Vintage B Stock myself.

Greg Wright
Rapid Racing Inc.

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